Wedding Venues Hanford

Hanford might be small but it has some of the best wedding venues in the entire state of California. If you are thinking of having your wedding there, by all means, go for it. You will certainly live your dream during your big day, thanks to the countless options of event providers and picturesque venues in and around Hanford.

Today, let’s take a look at the Tuscan Gardens which happens to be a favorite spot for many weddings and other major events near Hanford. What are some of the features that make it so one of the best wedding venues? Well, here is a quick overview:

Hanford Wedding Venues - The Central Valley's Finest

Located in Kings County, at the heart of the rich and lively San Joaquin Valley, Hanford is a true gem. Known as the commercial center of California, the city abounds with industries and commercial units of all sizes. It is a great location for business-minded individuals and those with a passion for agriculture in general.

The city offers a fine blend of both new and old. Some of the buildings are historic while some are contemporary. Hanford residents are quite proud to carry their historic image high and their sense of community even higher. Community members have also managed to maintain high standards over the years no wonder the city has scooped many awards such as Helen Putnam Award of Excellence, The Prettiest Painted Places (1997), and the Tree City U.S.A. It really is a safe and family-oriented city with a major focus on agribusiness, agriculture, commercial, and industrial sectors.

The Hanford wedding scene, expectedly, has thousands of players offering different services. With regards to Hanford wedding venue, very few come close to Tuscan Gardens, honestly. Rolando and Lori, the owners of the property, clearly have what it takes to melt the hearts of couples on their big day. The estate is tucked away in the Madsen Avenue in Kingsburg and has all the great features of a perfect wedding location—massive and glorious outdoor space, breathtaking photoshoot locations, good customer service, attention to detail, great setting, quiet and tranquil venue and so on.

Features of Tuscan Gardens outdoor Hanford wedding venue

Tuscan Gardens is a true definition of splendor. Be prepared to wow your guests by booking the estate as your wedding location. Take a look at the following features of the venue.

1.      A Romantic Environment: Every couple hopes to have a romance-filled day during the wedding but sadly, very few achieve this dream. Tuscan Gardens is certainly the exception. The estate will take your breath away from the time you walk through the main door. The beautiful concrete walkways, the giant fountain sitting in front of the beautiful house, the reception area complete with an iconic fire bowl and the abundance of natural features all work together to create a perfect romantic atmosphere.

2.      Customer Service: Right from the first appointment with the owners of Tuscan Gardens, you will feel special and appreciated. To them, every bride deserves to have the wedding of her dreams and they go above and beyond to make sure this happens. Expect the venue to be prepared to perfection. The event organizers also ensure every guest is taken care of during the wedding. If the weather is too hot, they are quick to serve ice-cold drinks. If it is too cold, they will serve warm and cozy drinks instead. Tuscan Gardens also has a substitute for rain and harsh weather in general.

3.      Beautiful wedding space: Last but not least, the estate has a perfect mix of natural and man-made features. You have long and sweet grape vineyards, splendid water features and the majestic almond trees that enhance a natural feel of the estate. Additionally, the aesthetically-sound architectural structures, the iconic fire bowl, the fountain, and plenty more features enhance the beauty of the event location even further.

Many Uses of Tuscan Gardens Wedding Venue

Tuscan Gardens is a great wedding venue for its beauty, pricing and customer service. More than half of the events that take place are weddings. Nonetheless, it is a hotspot for a number of other big and small events as well:

·         Birthday Parties: Birthdays have snowballed into massive events in recent times. People are no longer afraid to hold high-end, expensive birthday parties for themselves or those dear to them. During the planning stages of these huge celebrations, a good venue is often the top-most priority. This is the exact reason Tuscan Gardens is the ideal choice for birthdays in Hanford and beyond.

·         Showers: Be it a baby shower or a bridal shower, Tuscan Gardens offers an elegant and gorgeous space. It is peaceful, stunning, and big enough for any number of attendees. You can take hundreds of perfect shots in any of the locations of the estate according to your taste and preference.

·         Business Meetings:  Like all other cities, the Hanford Business Community is notorious for holding end-year parties, departmental meetings, seminars, conferences, and training. When looking for a perfect venue for these events, Tuscan Gardens always fits the description.

·         Anniversary Parties: The magnificent real estate also hosts anniversary parties from time to time. It goes without saying that lovers enjoy soaking in the beauty of the venue as they celebrate many years of love. It is especially frequented by couples who had their wedding there and who are looking to relive their wedding day.

About Tuscan Gardens

Tuscan Gardens’ pavilion might have been completed in 2010 but the main estate was launched in 2003. Built by the very best names in the landscape industry, you bet the venue is truly a masterpiece. Add that to the fact that the owner built the pavilion for his daughter’s wedding and you can already imagine the love, attention, and detail that went into it.

To date, Tuscan Gardens has hosted hundreds of events especially weddings and is now one of the leading wedding venues Hanford. The estate boasts of well-manicured and eye-catching rose gardens, beautiful grape vineyards, grandiose almond trees, and plenty of water features. If you are up for it, Rolando and Lori will be more than happy to give you a tour of the property prior to your wedding so that you can truly behold its splendor before walking down the aisle.

Expect excellent customer service, perfect setting, and well-maintained outdoors for your big day at Tuscan Gardens. They promise to accord you the same service they accord their grounds. What’s even more attractive is that you get to enjoy all these benefits at great prices.