Wedding Venues in Visalia

Wedding venues in visalia ca

Searching for a Visalia wedding location is always fun, but picking the best options that work for you can be quite daunting. Like hotel rooms that look luxurious and spacious online but are tiny closets in reality, wedding venues are businesses and the owners or managers often do everything possible to make them look great.

Site tours are, therefore, the best steps to take if you want to book a great Visalia wedding venue. But since site visits take a lot of time and resources, we have compiled a quick guide on what to expect from wedding venues Visalia.

Visalia Wedding Venues - The Central Valley's Finest

 The city of Visalia is located in the middle of Central Valley in California and lies with about 3 hours drive from both San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is, therefore, considered as one of the best bases from which to explore the widely celebrated Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. The city also boasts of plenty of attractions—from outdoor markets, museums, recreational parks to art theatres and splendid wedding venues.

And speaking of wedding venues, picking the right one from the many available in Visalia can be overwhelming. Yes, from castles, churches, hotels, and restaurants, finding an ideal wedding place in Visalia can be quite a task.  

However, if you are planning a wedding that has all the elegance and splendor of your dreams, you need to go beyond average options. In Visalia, one wedding venue that promises unique and exquisite wedding experience is Tuscan Gardens.

Tuscan Gardens is more than just a venue for romantic affairs.  Located in Kingsburg, California, Tuscan boasts of beautiful natural landscapes and majestic almond trees. The management here ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, allowing couples to truly enjoy their big day. The garden features a beautiful pavilion, iconic fire bowl, water feature, and beautiful concrete walkways. For things that you cannot find on the venue, the management at Tuscan are always ready to give you a list of recommended vendors that you can reach out to. Most importantly, the venue has a big parking space that’s large enough to hold all your guests’ vehicles.

 Features of Tuscan Gardens outdoor Visalia Wedding Venue


Like other high-end wedding destination, Tuscan Gardens understand that great wedding ceremonies call for perfection—and that’s why the management works tirelessly to ensure that their clients have a memorable experience. Here are some of the features that make this venue stands out from the crowd.


  • Strategic Location: For a good wedding event, you need to look for a venue that’s within a reasonable distance from most of your guests’ homes and places of work. If your guests will be travelling out of town, you need a venue that’s near an airport or hotels. This is what makes Tuscan gardens special—high-end hotels are a few miles away and the Fresno Yosemite International Airport is less than 25 miles away.


  • Spacious and comfortable: An ideal wedding venue should accommodate all of your attendees. It must also provide comfort and ease of access to your guests. Tuscan Gardens’ pavilion is located at the back of the garden, providing your guests with all the space and comfort that they need.


  • Picturesque Photo Backdrops: Whether you are snapping group photos or intimate shots that will tell a story of your pure love, your photographer will have a wide range of incredible settings to work with at Tuscan Gardens. Outside, you can pause in front of the four water features, rose flowers or the iconic fire bow.


  • Guarantee Privacy: Another ideal feature of a wedding venue is the capability to guarantee your guests complete privacy. Tuscan Gardens has a small capacity of only 250 guests and doesn’t accept more than one event per day, ensuring overall solemnity and serenity of your event. Put simply, you are assured of utmost privacy for your guests when you choose Tuscan gardens. 


Many uses - Visalia Weddings, Events and more


With the most spectacular grounds in the whole of Visalia, Tuscan Gardens is a perfect venue for a plethora of occasions besides wedding. These include:


  • Team Building Events: When looking to build upon your organization’s strength and boost your employee’s moral, goodwill, and confidence, you need a serene and quiet location. Tuscan Gardens offer a cool and picturesque environment for your employees to spend quality time together.   


  • Graduation Parties: If you are looking for the best venue to spend informal time with your guests on your loved one’s graduation party, Tuscan Gardens is the perfect non-traditional environment that you should opt for.


  • Children’s Party:  For children, there is no event that can be as monumental as a birthday party. On this day, for better or for worse, the world revolves around them. Tuscan Gardens boasts of a plethora of children-friendly facilities that will make your child’s birthday party one to remember.


  • Charity Events: Donating to any charity event is often viewed by many people as an equal exchange—attendees give you money or tokens and you give them an experience. Accordingly, your job is to make the attendees have an amazing experience. Some people and organizations do this through memorable entertainment and high-profile guests. However, if you don’t have Trump and Beyonce on your sped dial, you may consider an exclusive venue. The attention that Tuscan Gardens management put on their facilities is the same that goes into their customer care services, so your charity attendees will have an amazing experience that will make them to donate even more.


About Tuscan Gardens


Started in 2010, Tuscan Gardens has been offering a unique and intimate experience for Visalia couples on their big day. This versatile Visalia wedding venue features beautiful almond trees in the background and surrounding scenic natural landscape. It also boasts of amazing lush greenery, rose gardens, iconic fire bowl, and awesome water features. Tuscan Gardens can host up to 250 guests and have ample parking space that is enough to hold all of your guests’ vehicles.


Additionally, the Garden is excellently designed to ensure maximum comfort for the guests. For instance, the pavilion is tucked at the back of the garden to give guests enough space to enjoy the activities of the day. Their customer service is also top-notch. From venue set up to clean up, the Garden’s staff will help you run your event smoothly so that you enjoy every moment of your big day.