Wedding venues Tulare

Every Tulare couple understands that a special wedding day goes hand-in-hand with a few critical decisions. Among the most important decisions that you have to make is choosing the right wedding venue.

When it comes to picking a wedding venue, it can be tempting to act on instincts immediately you enter the venue and absorb the atmosphere. However, it is vital to consider all the elements that need to come together on your big day. From the amenities available, fees charged, accommodation, menu, to establishing whether you have exclusivity of the wedding venue, it pays to be prepared.

To facilitate your venue search in Tulare, here is a guide to help you narrow down things.

Tulare Wedding Venues - The Central Valley's Finest

Tulare city is located in the California’s Central Valley along Highway 99, about 60 miles North of Bakersfield and 45 miles south of Fresno. The city has a rich agricultural heritage proclaimed by outstanding water tower designed to resemble a tall milk glass. Tulare has a lot of local attractions to keep every local and visitor entertained, including the Tulare City Historical Museum, Del Lago Park, Tulare County fairgrounds, Sequoia National Park, Crystal Cave, and Pixley National Wildlife Refuge among others.

What about wedding venues? Well, Tulare has plenty of options. In fact, shopping around for the best wedding venues Tulare has to offer is quite daunting! It is not like a small remote town where every couple gets married at one or two non-descript event spaces. There are several wedding venues in and around Tulare, and at a bigger percentage of them are awesome. 

You can go with average wedding venues but if you are looking for that special wedding venue that will make your big day stand out then Tuscan Gardens is the best bet. The venue features majestic almond trees and breathtaking natural landscapes as well as custom water features designed to leave long-lasting memories for couples and their guests. With a capacity of up to 250 guests, Tuscan Gardens is perfect for any Tulare couple looking to create an extravagant event.

Features of Tuscan Gardens outdoor Tulare Wedding Venue

At Tuscan Gardens, we strive to do everything in our power to ensure that every detail of your event is well planned and executed, allowing you to truly enjoy your big day. To this end, here are some of the top features that you stand to enjoy at Tuscan Gardens:

  • Ambient wedding space: Tuscan Gardens is endowed with vast rose gardens, water features, and lush greenery, so if you are looking for space for taking exquisite wedding photos, the venue has you covered. What’s more, the wedding pavilion is located towards the back of the garden, providing more space for your wedding.

  • Coordination Assistance:  Tuscan Gardens have professional wedding staff to help you coordinate even the smallest details of your wedding day. We understand that you already have enough to worry about as far as planning your big day is concerned, so we do what we do best to eliminate unnecessary pressure.

  • Extensive Features: With the advances in technology, a bigger percentage of couples in Tulare are looking for creative ways to express their love to one another. For instance, many couples opt for videos and slideshows of their love journeys together. If that’s your plan, you should establish that the venue has the technological potential to broadcast whatever media you’d like to show your guests. Besides enough space for a wedding band or DJ, Tuscan Gardens have audio-video equipment for your big day’s speeches, videos, toasts, and more.

  • Flexible Policies: Planning any wedding is hectic but your planning process can be considerably smoother if the venue you choose has flexible policies, especially when it comes to last minute changes. Tuscan Gardens has flexible policies to allow couples to have a bespoke wedding experience.

The Many uses of Tuscan Gardens

From formal business functions to intimate and personal meetings, Tuscan Gardens provides an impressive venue for many other events besides weddings. We promise to give you the care and attention you need to make your event memorable. Here are other uses of Tuscan Gardens:

  • Corporate Events: Gala fundraising meetings, corporate retreats, board meetings, and holiday parties are all a great for Tuscan Gardens’ facilities. With a beautiful landscape of rose gardens and lush greenery, Tuscan is the best Tulare wedding venue to gather.

  • Children’s Birthday Parties: Tuscan Gardens’ pavilion can be customized to meet the needs of kids of all age. Our staff will also be onsite to guide and ensure that the kids are safe.

  • Public Events: Whether it is a film festival, an appreciation party, arts and cultural event, a jazz concert, or any public event, Tuscan Gardens will host it successfully. Charges may vary with the type of event and size.

  • Proposals: Proposals at Tuscan Gardens is something truly special. With a plethora of scenic location to choose from, you only need to pick the perfect spot for you, and the coordinators will help you create and customize a ‘pop the question’ plan.

About Tuscan Gardens

Tuscan Gardens is a privately-owned wedding venue located in Kingsburg, California. Started in 2010, Tuscan Gardens provide couples and guests with everything they need to make their big day memorable—from custom pavilion, rose gardens, and water features to well-lit, spacious and handicap-accessible parking lot.

Even more striking is the history behind Tuscan Gardens. The beautiful pavilion was built by a father for his daughter. In 2009, Rolando and Lori’s daughter was engaged and was searching for a perfect wedding venue. Rolando and Lori, being experienced landscape contractors, began creating a venue where their daughter could hold her wedding. They tirelessly worked on the project until they completed it on March 26, 2010. This marked the birth of Tuscan Gardens. Today, it has the honor of hosting hundreds of weddings.

Besides the Tuscan Gardens’ facilities, couples and guests can also enjoy a wide range of scenic sites around the garden—whether you are looking to enjoy other wineries, the World’s Largest Box of Raisins, or indulge in other activities in the surrounding towns. There are also luxury hotels within a few miles of Tuscan Gardens and the widely celebrated Fresno Yosemite International Airport is only about 20 miles away, making the garden easily accessible for you and your guests.