Wedding Venue in Merced

Nowadays in Merced, even those who want a religious wedding ceremony go for outdoor setups. Outdoor wedding venues provide a natural ambiance for creating a memorable wedding experience. The most popular outdoor settings in the Central Valley are botanical gardens, vineyards, and sprawling ranches. So, the venue you choose simply depends on your preferences. Of course, there are a few factors like accessibility, budget, venue policies, capacity, and services.  Thus, it makes sense to go for a wedding venue near Merced that’s right for you and for your guests.

Merced Wedding Venues – The Central Valley’s Finest

Merced is a rich and dynamic community located in the heart of Central Valley. The community boats of an agricultural setting that’s great for all kinds of rustic events. The surrounding features all kind of natural phenomena that you can think of, whether it’s natural landscapes or tree-lined streets. So, if you are looking for a place for your wedding, you should consider a venue in or near Merced..

The county is a hub of cultural diversity and recreational provisions. So, your guests are always guaranteed something extra when they attend your event. When it comes to hosting weddings and special events, the key considerations are beaches, parks, and garden grounds. With respect to the last option, Central Valley’s finest wedding venues Merced residents cherish has to be the Tuscan Gardens.

The Garden is surrounded by majestic almonds, grape vineyards, and water features. Basically, everything is designed to create a background that’s worth marveling at.  Furthermore, they offer extensive services like DJ services, catering services, and clean up.

Features of Tuscan Gardens Outdoor Merced Wedding Venue

Tuscan Gardens has some incredible features that no local wedding venue can match. These include:

·         Natural Setting: As mentioned earlier, the Tuscan Gardens has a spectacular natural setting that’s characterized by beautiful vineyards and gigantic almond trees. They are well complemented with water features and natural landforms that surround the venue. All these features are designed to create an outstanding background.

·         Spacious venue: The Tuscan Gardens can accommodate up to 250 invited guests. They have the amenities and staff size to serve such a big number. Because of this huge capacity, the venue can be used by someone who’s interested in throwing an extravagant party. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t hold a party for a small guest size.

·         Great Facilities: The venue has stylish chairs and tables that you can use to promote an element of glamour at your wedding. There’s a dressing room to use and a reception area for your guests to make inquiries. In addition, you can access the kitchen, the dance floor, the banquet hall, and the bridal suite. All these facilities can be enjoyed from morning to midnight.

·         Support Services: Tuscan Gardens is dedicated to helping you and your guests have an enjoyable event. They have a cleanup team on standby to help keep the venue tidy. In the catering department, there’s a professional catering team that you can hire. Furthermore, you can access DJ and live band services on site.

·         On-site parking: The venue has an ample parking space on-site that your invited guests can use when they attend the event. There are also handicap-friendly parking spaces for those who are handicapped.

Many Uses of Tuscan Gardens

Tuscan Gardens is one of the most versatile wedding venues Merced has to offer. It’s popular for all kinds of weddings. Whether it’s a religious or a non-religious wedding, you can have the ceremony at Tuscan. Provided that the nature of your wedding is clear, you can have a grand event at Tuscan Gardens. Besides weddings, the venue can be used for other functions, including:

·         Baby/bridal showers: When looking to celebrate the expected arrival of your baby, you can do it at Tuscan Gardens. The setting is easily accessed and very warm for a baby shower event.

·         Graduation ceremony: Whether it’s high school graduation or college graduation, Tuscan Gardens is a great option. It’s spacious to accommodate a considerable guest list. Besides, you can seek catering and entertainment services on-site.

·         Private parties: Whether it’s a birthday party, a cocktail party or a farewell party, you can comfortably celebrate it at Tuscan Gardens. The venue is customized to match the theme of your private event. You just have to share the details of the party in advance.

·         Engagement: Are you looking to mark your engagement with an extravagant celebration? There are very few settings with the amenities that you find at Tuscan Gardens. The background is an amazing setup for your engagement photos and you can switch between backdrops.

·         Corporate functions: When looking for a formal setting for your corporate function, Tuscan Gardens is the go-to venue. You can use it to celebrate important milestones in your company, for team building, and for executive retreats.

About Tuscan Gardens

Tuscan Gardens is a private countryside venue for weddings and other types of ceremonies. It’s located in Kingsburg, CA. Since its founding in 2010, it’s known to offer couples and families an intimate experience. The wedding venue can comfortably accommodate roughly 250 guests.

The Tuscan Gardens idea was conceived by a loving father who saw the need to make an exciting and glamorous wedding venue for his daughter. The man spent years to make the garden what it is at present. Now, Tuscan Gardens is one of the most sought-after venues not just in Merced County but in the whole of California.

It’s highly preferred because of its setting. For starters, you can access it through Fresno International Airport. The venue is surrounded by lovely gardens, vineyards, and natural landscapes. So, if you are looking for a natural or farm-like setting for your wedding, Tuscan Gardens is the best option.

At the venue, you can access amazing services and amenities that are ideal for a glamorous and extravagant wedding. You can enjoy quality catering and housekeeping services at the venue. In general, the staff is very helpful, more so to the guests.

If you are a resident of Merced and are looking for a beautiful facility for your reception or event. Tuscan Gardens is definitely worth considering. For wedding or event inquiries, use these options:



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