Wedding Venues Madera

From their early years, women dream of walking down the aisle. By then, they already have an idea of what to wear, who will be on the guest list (no lies) and overall, how the day should be planned. It is for this simple reason (and many others) that weddings are huge events across the world.

A good wedding starts with adequate selection of a wedding venue. You can tick all other boxes but if the location of your big day is less-than-attractive, you’d have set yourself day up for trouble.

Luckily, we’ve come to your rescue. We will tell you about one of the best wedding venues near Madera and why it is famous in the first place.

Madera Wedding Venues - The Central Valley's Finest

For a visitor, Madera can easily pass as a small, sleepy town full of retired, tired residents. This is not true, obviously. Granted, it is small (approximately 60,000 residents) but it is far from boring.

For starters, there are plenty of recreational amenities such as the Rotary Park, Miracle Skate, Sunrise Rotary Sports Complex, and the nearby Bass Lake. You can spend endless hours playing, cycling, watching public events roll by etc. Secondly, the residents are simply welcoming. No matter your ethnicity, you will feel a strong sense of community in Madera within a few days of moving here.

The city also boats of some of the most adorable wedding locations in the country. Although the general geography of Madera is somewhat flat, man has invented ways of creating magnificence right in the middle of an otherwise boring land.

Speaking of wedding venues in Madera, Tuscan Gardens seems to have carved out a space of its own in the California wedding industry. It is well spoken about across the state for all the right reasons.

Located in Kingsburg CA, the wedding venue takes elegance and glory to a whole new level. The main estate and the wedding grounds were designed and built by highly experience landscape contractors; you can bet it is breathtaking in every sense of the word.

 Some of the characteristics of Tuscan Gardens include an awesome pavilion with a long and eye-catching aisle, a massive and romantic reception area, water features, a fountain, rose gardens, grape vineyards, almond trees and more attractive features.

Features of Tuscan Gardens outdoor Madera wedding venue

A perfect Madera wedding venue should make jaws drop and eyes pop with excitement. As you might have guessed it, Tuscan Gardens can and will make your guests wowed from the time they walk through the main gate of the estate. What are some of the features that cause this reaction?

·         Wedding space: Both the pavilion and the reception area have lush greenery and are strategically located to offer intimacy and a timeless, romantic atmosphere. Walking down the aisle beholding the beautifully manicured grass underneath your feet and the sight of the inviting wedding platform plus its natural and warm backdrop feels like heaven. Then there’s the beauty of the massive and creatively designed structure that houses the reception area and the giant fire bowl that sits in front of it.

·         Comfort: Tuscan Gardens puts the comfort of its clients above everything else. No doubt, the owners have a backup plan for sudden weather changes like rain, storms, and extreme heat. Your guests will also be catered for during rehearsals and the actual wedding day.

·         Perfect setting: Depending on your wedding theme, event organizers at Tuscan Gardens will place chairs, tables, chandeliers, flowers, lighting, music, wedding platforms, and carpets in selected places allowing the space to come alive. Their interiors are also decorated with some of the amazing pieces—drapers, wall paintings, upholstery, carved decorative art- money can buy.

Many uses of Tuscan Gardens

As a leading wedding venue for Madera residents, Tuscan Gardens attracts many weddings all year round. Couples from the city and nearby areas such as Lemoore and Hanford don’t shy away from booking the venue for their big day. However, it also caters to other small and large events such as the following:

1.      Business meetings: Thanks to the intimate and secluded setting of Tuscan Gardens, corporate organizations find it a perfect location for a number of their events including parties, seminars, team building events, strategic planning meetings, and training. There have actually been instances of business owners from other states apart from California booking the venue for their meetings as well. This goes to show Tuscan Gardens is really a gem.

2.      Birthday parties: Birthday parties of all ages are also quite common in Tuscan Gardens. In most cases, they take place at the reception area or the interiors followed by a long photoshoot in the many beautiful sections of the estate.

3.      Anniversary parties: Apart from birthday parties and business meetings, Tuscan Gardens is also an ideal location for couples looking to celebrate years of marriage together with their family and friends. It gives couples an opportunity to keep the busy life of children and career aside and just soak in the beautiful feeling of being in love.

4.      Reunions: If you are having a family reunion soon, Tuscan Gardens is the perfect venue for it. Imagine the look on the faces of your loved ones when they walk the clean and polished paves, take photos by the fine grape vineyards or take a walk around the well-maintained rose gardens? They will forever thank you for such an amazing experience.

5.      Showers: Last on the list is bridal and baby showers. The venue gives brides-to-be and moms-to-be a relaxing time away from the busy planning of a wedding and the arrival of a baby respectively.

About Tuscan Gardens

Tuscan Gardens is located in Kingsburg CA and is a privately-owned estate that is perfect for weddings and all the aforementioned events. It is undoubtedly one of the best wedding venues Madera simply because of three things; its splendor, excellent customer service, and competitive prices.

The main estate began its construction in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2010 that the glorious pavilion was completed. Booking the wedding venue means gaining access to pretty much the entire property. Your guests can roam the grape vineyards, walk the super clean walkways, take a tour of the rose gardens and behold the beauty of the water features.

Trust Rolando and Lori, the owners of the estate, to treat you with a high level of professionalism and absolute attention. They will guide on all matters weddings and work with you to make your day a success. You can also follow Tuscan Gardens Facebook and Instagram profiles to catch up on wedding trends, updates of the venue and any getaways.