Wedding Venues Lemoore

Are you planning on having your wedding in or near Lemoore? You must be thrilled to walk down the aisle in one of the most relaxed and easy cities in California. There is no telling the amount of fun you and your guests will have during the big day. Considering the wedding industry in the city is booming, you have a chance at a picture-perfect event surrounded by nothing but love and the best that nature and man have to offer.

Walk with us as we give you an inside look at one of the best wedding venues in the Central Valley - Tuscan Gardens. We will give you some of its attractive features and all the scoop on why many couples prefer it as their perfect spot for their big day.

 Lemoore Wedding Venues - The Central Valley's Finest

The history of Lemoore dates back to 1872 when a courageous man by the name of Dr. Lovern Lee More decided to bring surrounding families together to form a village of some sort. He then went ahead to champion the establishment of the U.S. Post Office and other amenities in the hope of having a railroad and hence expanding the town. Fast forward many years later, Lemoore is now widely known for its nearness to American Navy’s biggest master jet base – Lemoore Naval Air Station.

Lemoore has both the urban infrastructure and small-town charm. People live like one big community. Being greeted by strangers is the norm here. Despite its rather small size, there are enough entertainment and recreational activities for the entire family in Lemoore. There’s always a party, music concert, town meetings and so on. The central business district in itself has an assortment of gift shops, clothing stores, pizza, pharmacy, boutiques, and florist shops.

The Lemoore wedding industry also brims with activity. Wedding vendors can’t seem to stop working, thanks to the influx of couples waiting to tie the knot in any of the spectacular wedding venues in and around Lemoore.

Tuscan Gardens, located in Kingsburg California, happens to be one of the popular wedding venues in town.  There are plenty of reasons why many brides and grooms pick the lovely estate over all the others in town. For starters, it is simply outstanding. The plush almond trees, rose gardens and grape vineyards give the venue a green, inviting color and makes it a picturesque venue no matter the season of the year. The perfect mix of natural and man-made features is also quite impressive. You have the beautiful structure that provides a roof over the reception area, manicured grounds at the pavilion, an eye-catching fire bowl, water features, just to mention a few. Having a wedding here means gaining access to all these wonderful amenities.

Features of Tuscan Gardens outdoor Lemoore wedding venue

Tuscan Gardens has risen in popularity over the years, thanks to the following features:

·         Comfort: The first and important feature of Tuscan Gardens is comfort. Guests don’t endure walking in uncouth paths or unkempt vineyards. Everything is done to perfection and intentional luxury. The reception area has a permanent roof which means when it rains, your guests will not scramble for the indoors. On the flipside, when it is too hot, the sun’s rays will not damage their skin.

·         Romantic Environment: If you are looking for a romantic day during your wedding day, you will certainly get it at Tuscan Gardens. It is as if time stands still when roaming the estate and beholding the magnificence while holding the hand of the person you just said “I do” to. It just never gets better than that.

·         Creative Interiors: Even though Tuscan Gardens is an outdoor wedding venue, the owners have also paid attention to the indoors. The style and décor match the intricate and well-kept outdoor space.

·         Even set-up: Event organizers in Tuscan Gardens are experts when it comes to infrastructure and overall setup of the venue before any setup. They know how to meticulously organize bouquets, chairs, chandeliers, lighting, carpets, and the wedding platform to the satisfaction of every last bride.

Uses of Tuscan Gardens

As a preferred Lemoore wedding venue, Tuscan Gardens attracts weddings more than other events. However, there are a couple of other events that take place at the venue. These include the following:

·         Showers: Bridal showers and baby showers are quite the norm in Tuscan Gardens. Because of its uniqueness and beauty, it serves as an awesome spot for holding showers. The estate can be easily decorated and is safe and secure for expectant moms and brides-to-be.

·         Birthday Parties: Lemoore has a perfect mix of outdoor and indoor event lovers. The former category seems to be inclined to concur de elegance. Being outside isn’t just enough; the venue has to be top-notch. It is for this reason that many birthday parties are held in Tuscan Gardens.

·         Business Meetings: The privately owned gardens also serve as an ideal venue for conferences, training, seminars, department meetings, and so on. Corporate organizations in and around Lemoore always book the property for such meetings.

·         Anniversary Parties: Your anniversary is as special as the love shared between you and your partner. It is a huge celebration which should be carefully planned and executed. Part of careful planning includes selecting the best venue which has the ability to make you relive your wedding day and other sweet memories in the course of your marriage. What better wedding venue than Tuscan Gardens?

About Tuscan Gardens

Compared to other wedding venues near Lemoore, Tuscan Gardens really stands out. The massive estate, built by a father for his daughter’s wedding, is simply adorable. The works of nature complemented by the skillful work of the human hand play out in this estate with the result being a spectacular masterpiece.

From the beautiful green vegetation all around to the inviting vineyards, the outdoor space is exceptional. Walking the clean and polished concrete walkways from the main entrance gives you the feeling of walking in the streets of paradise. Other attractive elements include the iconic fire bowl, the inviting pavilion, and the sweet-smelling rose gardens.

The lucky couples who have their wedding in the estate enjoy the pavilion, the grape vineyards, fantastic reception area, and many other offerings. What’s more, they enjoy all these at competitive prices. Contact the company via the website or connect via Facebook and Instagram to inquire about the availability of the venue, their pricing models, and tours of the estate.