Wedding Venue in Clovis

Every year, hundreds of weddings and private parties are celebrated in Clovis. Unsurprisingly, most of the events are held in outdoor venues as opposed to indoor settings. Provided that the weather is friendly, there are so many advantages that come with an outdoor setting. To begin with, everyone is able to enjoy the free flow of air and sunshine if they prefer. Secondly, space is not a big challenge since most outdoor spaces are really spacious.

So, which open wedding venues should you choose for your next marriage ceremony in Clovis? Well, here is a quick guide:

Clovis Wedding Venues – Central Valley’s Finest

Clovis is a city located in Fresno-Clovis metropolitan. The city was named after Clovis M. Cole, a popular public figure in Fresno County. The community is historically known as an agricultural center. So, expect most venues to take up a farm, ranch, or farmyard style. Whether it’s a wedding or just a private party, you cannot miss something nice to suit the theme of your wedding and to meet the expectations of your guests.

Speaking of an agricultural setting, the city’s finest wedding venues Clovis has to offer at the moment has to be Tuscan Gardens. The venue has both a vineyard and a farm or ranch style. So, you are guaranteed the best outdoor venue that you can imagine. To begin with, the venue enjoys easy accessibility. It’s close to the airport and so many roads head to it. So, your guests are guaranteed efficient transport when they attend your event. For those who are coming by air, they won’t have a problem finding their way to the venue since it’s just a few miles away.

Additionally, the venue provides you with coordination assistance. The staff is there to take the extra weight off your shoulder and to make it easier for your guests to find their way around the venue. There is also the option of requesting extended services like catering and entertainment in case you don’t have any in mind. The good news is, they have affordable packages, which can be tailored further to meet your needs.

Features of Tuscan Gardens

As mentioned, the Tuscan Gardens embodies all the good things that are expected of a perfect Clovis wedding venue. Here are their top features:

·         Amenities: When you pay the rental fee at Tuscan Gardens, you stand to enjoy amenities like tables and chairs depending on your guest size. You also get access to bridal suites, banquet halls, garden grounds, and the kitchen. Additionally, there’s clean up service on standby to help you.

·         Capacity: The Tuscan Gardens is one of the most spacious wedding venues in Clovis. However, this doesn’t mean that you can invite a thousand guests. Its capacity is limited to only 250 guests. Of course, the few, the better. What they are trying to do is to encourage a manageable number. This gives you the perfect opportunity to hold an extravagant wedding reception.

·         Extensive Services: With improved technology, so much has changed in the wedding sector. Nowadays, couples expect to be provided with a way to show slides or video clips of their love journey. You’ll get such services at Tuscan Gardens. In addition, the venue has a DJ on-site and a live band group that is available upon request.

·         Ample Parking: The Tuscan Gardens has spacious parking space, enough to accommodate the cars of all your invited guests. So, guests using private means don’t have to worry about where they’ll park or the safety of their vehicles. Besides, the staff there takes up the responsibility of controlling the parking area. They ensure that there is always order and that no visitor misses a slot.

Many Uses of Tuscan Gardens Outdoor Wedding Venue

So many events can be held at the Tuscan Gardens—from religious to non-religious ceremonies. Besides weddings, other events that can be held here are:

·         Team Building: In case you want an expansive outdoor to do some team building, there is no perfect venue than Tuscan Gardens. It is spacious and there are amazing team building equipment and tools that you can use.

·         Appreciation Outdoor Events: If you have an appreciation event like a graduation ceremony and you want a place where you can celebrate with friends and families, you have a great option in Tuscan Gardens. The staff will help you with coordination.

·         Private Birthday Parties: If you want to celebrate a birthday party in the outdoor, you can use the Tuscan Gardens. The setting is great for taking birthday pictures and your invited guests can easily access the venue.

·         Engagement Parties: Before your wedding, you can have your engagement party at the Tuscan Gardens. It’s a nice way of preparing for your wedding reception. The ambiance is just incredible.

·         Corporate Events: If you have a corporate event meant to mark an important milestone in your organization or just to mark the anniversary of your organization, Tuscan Gardens has such a great setting. It has a formal theme, befitting a corporate encounter. You can have all the necessary help that you need to make the event a success.

Like any other Clovis wedding venue, Tuscan Gardens has different pricing for different days. During the weekdays, the renting fee per day is $750. It’s usually expensive to book on weekends. You’ll pay $1,195 on Saturdays and $950 on Sundays.

About Tuscan Gardens

The Tuscan Gardens is a luxurious privately-operated wedding and events venue that was established in 2010. It’s located just three miles away off Kingsburg, California. It’s surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It’s known for illustrious scenery such as almond trees, lovely gardens, and natural landscapes. There are also customized water features which give your event a luxurious look. All these features contribute towards an amazing background for your photo session.

Actually, the venue was an inspiration from a father who wanted to create the perfect wedding venue for his dear daughter. It took him a while before the venue became what it’s today. Now, the Tuscan Gardens boasts an amazing outdoor space for all type of private events. They have a lovely reception area and organized dressing rooms.  Basically, there are plenty of things now for your guests to explore.

But still, there’s more to keep your guests entertained. Whether it is food, desserts, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks that your guests want, they can get them at the venue. It’s just a matter of making the right request for your menu. It’s advisable to do it beforehand. There are luxury hotels nearby for guests who can’t return to their places on the same day. In addition, Fresno Airport is just 22 miles off. It’s convenient for guests coming by air transport.

For inquiries on wedding venues Clovis, you can visit or contact them via You can also call them using (559) 977-1731.