Wedding Venues Bakersfield

The story out there is that Bakersfield is the armpit of California—neglected and horribly polluted. While there may be some truth in this statement, there’s so much more to the city than meets the eye. The folk are friendly, food is delicious, the countryside is evergreen and the entertainment ever flowing.

How about the wedding scene?

You bet it is in full bloom. If you are planning a Bakersfield wedding soon, rest assured you will get the very best wedding venues in the entire state of California. Being the 4th most fruitful agricultural city in the country, Bakersfield boasts of endless green landscape complete with lush wineries and vegetable plantations. That, combined with its abundance of natural features, makes the city a perfect spot for weddings.

Speaking of wedding venues, what are some of the leading ones in the city?

Bakersfield wedding venues- The Central Valley's Finest

No doubt, Bakersfield in a perfect place to work and live. It features long hot summers and brief and cool winters which means there’s fun for the better part of the year. Residents here are notorious for hanging out by the numerous parks in the city playing, cycling, swimming, boat-riding and an array of other recreational activities. There’s also a tremendous access to nature—lakes, beautiful landscape, and nearness to some of the biggest national parks in the country including Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Angeles National Forest. When people aren’t attending a concert or festival, they would be celebrating a wedding in one of the wedding venues found in the city.

The acclaimed Tuscan Gardens is worth special mention as a leading Bakersfield wedding venue. Located in Madsen Avenue in Kingsburg CA, this venue is the true definition of beauty. We are talking lush landscape, water features, rose gardens, and an iconic fire bowl. The ground is clearly paid a ton of love and attention all year round. When you step foot in the estate, you instantly live in the moment.

The venue makes for an ideal venue for a vast majority of events from Bakersfield and the state in general. From weddings to birthday parties, and business meetings, the estate is busy all year long. Even with their tight schedule, Rolando and Lori, the owners of Tuscan Gardens work hard to impress each visitor. 

Features of Tuscan Gardens outdoor Bakersfield wedding venue

Tuscan Gardens is the favorite of many brides and grooms for plenty of reasons. For starters, it is an estate built by love. If you glanced at the history of the Bakersfield wedding venue, you’ll discover that the owner built the estate so that his daughter would wed there. Some of the attractive features of the venue include the following:

1.      Wedding space: Tuscan Gardens is located in a magnificent venue among long stretches of inviting grape vineyards and tranquil almond trees. The ground itself is massive and contains rose gardens, insanely green outdoors, a number of water features and of course, the conspicuous and welcoming fire bowl.

2.      Perfect setting: It is one thing to have all the aforementioned natural and man-made features but an entirely another to have a great setting that compliments every effort and awaken any space to a higher level. Tuscan Gardens’ owners and staff are detail-oriented; always displaying their skill in the way they place everything in preparation for a wedding or any other major event.

3.      Care of the ground: Be it the indoor or the outdoor space, a wedding venue must look clean and well-manicured round the clock. This is the situation at Tuscan Gardens. The company means business when it comes to the care and attention they accord the grounds. The vineyard paths are always clear, trees are pruned regularly, and the grass is mowed and fertilized frequently.

Uses of Tuscan Gardens

Quite frankly, Tuscan Gardens are mostly utilized for weddings. Its size and beauty just make it one of the ideal wedding venues Bakersfield. However, there are plenty of other events and celebrations that take place in the venue across the year. Some of them are listed down below:

1.      Birthday parties: The most common event after weddings is birthdays, obviously. From toddlers to 90 year-olds, Tuscan Gardens happens to be a hotspot for many birthday parties which always end up in long photo shoots around the estate. With all the natural beauty of the water features, green outdoors, almond trees and vineyards, who wouldn’t have a photo shoot at the venue?

2.      Showers: Baby showers and bridal showers take place at Tuscan Gardens as well. Again, it is all in the experience. The venue doesn’t just positively influence the way a baby shower or a bridal shower looks but it actually touches the lives of the attendees as well.

3.      Family reunions: Sometimes, all you want is a glorious and big enough venue to host your giant-sized family during your annual reunions. Tuscan Gardens will certainly exceed your expectations on this one, too.

4.      Anniversary parties: Couples looking to celebrate years of love can book Tuscan Gardens for their anniversary events. If you happen to have had your wedding at the venue, the party will be even more nostalgic and deeply heartwarming.

5.      Business meetings: Once in a while, the grounds are also used to host corporate events such as conferences, seminars, training, and departmental meetings. It is a perfect hideout from the busy city life and hence offers a peaceful and tranquil environment for business meetings.

About Tuscan Gardens

Back in 2003, a team of experienced landscape contractors began building an estate. The project went on until 2009 when the owner’s daughter became engaged and ready to launch her wedding preparations. This was the motivation her dad needed to complete the project and have his daughter’s wedding there. Just like that, Tuscan Gardens was born.

It now serves as one of the favorite wedding venues Bakersfield, always hosting events of all sizes all year long. The property is privately owned and is built to perfection. Its pavilion is situated at the back end of the estate which gives event attendees a beautiful view of the gorgeous vineyards, opulent vegetation, rose gardens, and the beautiful almond trees.

The reception area features a massive structure with no walls but a roof, pillars, and floors. A fire bowl sits right at its entrance and effortlessly adds warmth and detail to any event. The estate itself is massive. When you and your bridal party aren’t roaming the vineyards in search of perfect photo locations, you would be busy kissing your bride under an almond tree or walking hand in hand along the clean and polished walkways past the fountain.